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Beth Merritt

Wife to Casey / Mom to Lydia / Daughter / Sister / Equestrian / Riding Instructor / Musical Nerd / Photographer / Graphic Maker

Tool of the Trade

Photoshop CS2

Awards can be found here


+Be kind and comment before you snag anything.
I love hearing from all of you and getting feedback of any sort.
+Credit my work in your userpic section in your profile using
the proper HTML coding.
+Do not alter or change any of my graphics and claim them as your own.
+I prefer that my graphics are not Hotlinked.
Load them to your own server and upload them to an image
host such as photobucket or imageshack.
+Most of all ENJOY, browse around, and friend me if you would like.

Resources and Credit

Brushes,Textures, & Screencaps can be found here
Icon table generator can be found here
Layout provided by refuted

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